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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

Welcome to our Store

All of our services for individual, group sessions, or workshops that require booking an appointment are scheduled by you and purchased on our 'Scheduling' page, which you may select by clicking the button below, with one exception.  

You may purchase packages of 60 minute Zoom or Phone sessions below and receive a $25 discount per session. You will receive a special booking link with your purchase confirmation to use to schedule your prepaid sessions. Please save it and use it to book each of your prepaid sessions.

Click for Scheduling Page

Select a Package  & Save

Purchase a package of 60 minute Zoom or Phone Sessions with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart as channeled by Katie  for $100 per session,  a discount of $25 per session.

By purchasing a package of visits in our store you receive a $25 savings per visit;

Package of 3 visits: Save $75.00 

Package of 4 Visits: Save $100.00

Package of 5 Visits: Save $125.00

Package of 3 -  60 minute Zoom Sessions

Package of 3 - 60 Minute Phone Sessions

Package of 4 - 60 minute Zoom  Sessions

Package of 4 - 60 minute Phone Sessions

Package of 5 - 60 minute Zoom Sessions

Package of 5 -  60 Minute Phone Sessions