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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

This is the Privacy Policy for the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC's Website. Please review it. By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy. As in anything you do in life, you always have choices. This Policy does not govern the collection & use of information by companies that the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC does not control.

What Information Does the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC  Collect, How Do We Use It and How You Can Change It.

The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC only collects the personal information you voluntarily submit when you request our services. This may include your name, email address, physical address, or  phone number. This information is used to provide the service you request and to keep you updated on the services available. If you no longer desire to receive a service and wish to have your personal data deleted from our records, you may use the comment form on the contact page to request this change. 

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC does not now, nor will it in the future, sell, trade, or release any of its customer lists and or names with the exception of those companies that obtain your information to provide services for the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC listed below and you provide it to them for the service on this site.

What Information Does Our WebSite Host Collect And How Is It Used.

Our website host is Vistaprint. As part of this service, they provide us with site activity reports. This is not specific personal data on a user of the site but does tell us how many have visited the site,  at what frequency, and how many visits each page is visited. This helps us to better design our website to suit your needs. They use cookies to perform this tracking. You may choose to review their privacy policy by clicking the button below.

Cookies: At this time you are not able to opt-out of Vistaprint's  tracking if you visit the site. You can delete cookies from your web browser or block cookies after considering the pros and cons of doing this. You may want to check the privacy and security setting of your browser which may be under preferences if you have any concerns. You have the option of deleting cookies and most browsers allow you to do this by website. 

Vistaprint Policy

What Information Does Our Credit Card Service Collect And How Is It Used?

The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart does not collect your credit card information directly. When you click the purchase button you open a secure part of the Square Credit Card Processing site directly. They collect your name, email address, phone number, and credit card number. You may choose to review their privacy policy by clicking the button below.

Square Policy

What Information Does Our Email Management Program Collect and How is it Used?

Our Email lists are maintained by Constant Contact. The Confidentiality of your information is protected and they never disclose, sell, or trade their email lists or information. Their platform is secured and encrypted by SSL, Secure Sockets Layer. If you wish to have your email deleted from the list you can do that by the option you are provided at the end of the email you receive. If you make this choice, we would not have the means to continue to provide your service. You may review their privacy policy by clicking the button below.

Constant Contact

What Information Does Our Scheduling Program Collect and How is it Used.

Our scheduling program is sponsored by Squarespace. They collect the information you provide necessary for booking the session, usually your name, email, and phone number to provide to us and also to send you emails regarding your appointment. The payment from their program connects to our arrangement through Square Credit Card processing that is addressed above, but it is a secure process site. To see the Squarespace privacy policy please click the button below.


How Is Your Information On Our Website Protected

Vistaprint, our website host, protects the site through Secure Sockets Layer, SSL Protocol.

How Long do we Store Your Information?

The data we collect from you will be stored for no longer than necessary. The length of time we retain the information will be determined based upon the following criteria: the length of time your personal information remains relevant & necessary to provide services; and the length of time it is reasonable to keep records to demonstrate that we have fulfilled our services to you.

Additional Information

How Often is the Privacy Policy Updated: It is updated anytime information changes. it is reviewed at a minimum annually.

Using Our Contact Forms: The service that supports the contact forms uses reCAPTCHA technology to fight spam. The use of this service is subject to Google's Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. Links to these are included at the end of the message form you would be completing, but if you are interested, you may click the button below to review their privacy policy.

Google Privacy Policy

Third-Party Links: When you click on any links that take you to another website, like YouTube, Facebook, or Square as examples, those sites are governed by their own Privacy Policy that can usually be found in the footer of the website if it is not identified as a separate page.

Terms and Conditions: See Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the 'ABOUT' page which outlines the disclaimers and liability governing the use of our website and services.

Your Consent: By using the website of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC, you consent to our privacy policy.

Questions and Feedback:  If you have questions or feedback please go to the contact page and use the first form, 'Please Provide Your Thoughts Below'.

Reviewed January 11, 2023