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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

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We, the Nonphysical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart are pleased to offer you several free gifts of our guidance. 

A Weekly Inspirational Message channeled from us to support your inner inspired, joy-filled Life Journey, &

An audio guided meditation which we dictated & Katie recorded to assist you in Contacting Your Inner Guide, Your Wisdom Within, Your Spirit.

Please select one or both as you Heart Desires by submitting the request form below,

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Information On Our First Book

Here it is! A full color, step-by-step guide, including pictures to inspire & a 30 Day Journal, full of guided inner adventures which lead to your Soul’s Calling, a life of meaning & purpose, fueled by life’s passion.

Our First book of channeled guidance, Choosing the Journey Within: Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss, A Guide, is for you if you are feeling something is missing from your life. experience a lack of movement forward, if you are externally focused in making your choices, life decisions, & developing your sense of self & values, & do not feel guided by your inner wisdom, your spirit. We guide you on a step-by-step journey to connect with your inner wisdom & life purpose(s).

We are a collective of nonphysical Beings of all spiritual backgrounds, dedicated to supporting life upon Earth. We provide our step-by-step guidance, through 26 guided, skill building adventures, for those who desire to experience a life of meaning, purpose, & joy, but it seems just out of reach.

We guide you through making the shift to your focus within, to the core of your Being, from your external focus, to connect with the wisdom & guidance of your spirit, the one that chose this life, to guide your sense of self, values, & the choices you make which design your life journey. We do this by providing you with the skills to use 5 Keys to tap into your wisdom & power within: Your Power of Intention, Your Power of  Choice, Silencing Your Inner Critic, Connecting With Your Inner Guidance (Spirit), & Expressing Your Gifts & Innate Skills, which opens you to a life of meaning, purpose, & passion to fuel your life journey.

Now is the time to embrace the vast potential that lies within you! 

To purchase now, please go to It is available in ebook, paperback & hardback versions.

Information On Our Second Book

Do you seek your Soul’s Calling, to feel passionate about your Life Journey? Have you been on a spiritual journey seeking answers but just don't feel connected to your spirit for guidance most of the time? Our second book of guidance, Reflections of Spirit, Discovering Your True Self, is for those who have shifted their focus within & experience the connection to their spirit for guidance, but need assistance in maintaining this connection throughout their day & are seeking to take their spiritual journey to the next level.

In this book of our nonphysical guidance, we, nonphysical Beings of all spiritual backgrounds, dedicated to supporting life upon Earth, provide our step-by-step guidance to maintain your connection to your inner guidance throughout your day, guiding your choices moment by moment that influence your life journey & provide additional guidance to assist you in maintaining this inner focus for your sense of identity, values, & life direction to help prevent you from being knocked off course by environmental influences.

We present the Eight Reflections of the Energy of Spirit & how this energy may be reflected in your life. In our Six Shifts Of Your Perspective we present the shifts necessary to maintain a spirit inspired life of meaning & purpose. We also provide our Seven Guidelines to Enhance Your Soul Connection to assist you in maintaining your connection to your Spirit Within throughout your day, to further enhance your ability to receive your inner guidance when making choices affecting your Life Journey. Next, we provide our Six Areas to Expand Your Awareness to tap into & lead the life of Your Soul’s Purpose, Your Heart’s Desires. We conclude with a discussion of Nothing in Life is Predetermined, even though you, as spirit, came for specific purpose(s).

We loving await the opportunity to be of service to you, Act Now!

To purchase now, please go to It is available in ebook, paperback & hardback versions.