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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

Choosing the Path Less Traveled, the Path Within




"The choice is always yours, but the path within to your heart, your essence, is the most important choice which is before you to make. This loving voice within is always calling to you, guiding you, supporting you & loving you." Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

With the  Nonphysical Guidance of


As Channeled through Katie Easterwood, MSW

100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ

Saturday, July 16, 2022  1:30 pm to 4:30 pm MST

Please contact us directly, info at bottom of page, if you encounter problems with the advance registration process

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Scheduling page & scroll down to the Unity  Event

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The Non-physical Wisdom Council, a collective of all Beings who are dedicated to supporting the life journey of each spirit upon this earth, will provide guidance for tapping into your Spirit Within to design the life journey of your heart's desires. There will be a brief visualization adventure of discovery by The Wisdom Council at the beginning of each of the two sessions of the event to assist you in the skills to tap into the guidance of your Spirit Within, followed by ample time for participates who choose, to directly ask The Wisdom Council questions about your life journey.  Each event during the year presents new adventures of discovery to build your skills.

Many have asked who is speaking for The Wisdom Council. Although The Wisdom Council desires that you focus on the message & whether it resonates with your inner knowing as helpful to you, they have agreed to share who are the primary speakers. Many others of The Council are present, energetically providing guidance & support to all participants to assist you in connecting with your inner wisdom & to raise your vibration.

The Council's primary speakers are Jesus, Archangel Ezekiel & Athena.

Jesus: assists us in awakening to our true identity & in remembering we are his ‘energetic’ brothers & sisters, having the same spiritual energy & connection to the wisdom that he is, as well as all of the Master Teachers. He wants all to know the possibilities are endless when we embrace the guidance of their Spirit Within.

Archangel Ezekiel: is the angel of transformation. He assists your transitions in life to flow with ease & grace. As you achieve a high vibration by following the guidance of the Wisdom Council, your life changes to resonate with people & activities of a high vibration. He eases the way & assists you in fulfilling your life purpose.

Athena: is the Goddess of Wisdom. She supports your understanding that the wisdom of the universe lies within you, your spirit, & within the guides that are always present to support your life journey. She lights your path to tapping into this wisdom.

Advanced Registration Requested to allow the check-in process to proceed quickly for all.

$35 Advanced Registration (by midnight July 15, 2022) 

  $50 the day of the event.

Please make plans to join us for this exciting event Now!

Based on the guidance in the Wisdom Council's channeled book: 'Choosing The Journey Within, Five Keys To Your Path Of Bliss: A Workbook'. Available on Amazon & will be sold at the event for a 20% discount.

To learn about other programs offered at Unity of Sedona, please visit their website at

After reviewing the 'Services & Events' page and selecting an option, please go to the 'scheduling page' to schedule & purchase your individual session, group event, or workshop with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart. For those interested in  reduced rate packages of individual 60 minute zoom sessions, you may select and purchase them from the 'store page'. It is our desire that you enjoy considering a range of options in receiving our guidance.

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Introducing  the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

Channelled by Katie

In the video, the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart discusses who they are and their reason for being here now to speak through their voice channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW.

Click Here for a FREE Introduction to the 5 Keys to Your Path of Bliss Taken From Our Book

Content Outline of Keys & Adventures

You may receive our guidance through our book!

Great News: The Release of our first book

Choosing the Journey Within

Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss

A Workbook

It contains the guidance we came at this time to share with you to assist you in awakening to your magnificent power within, your spirit, which guides you along your path of bliss. By using the 5 keys and the 26 adventures presented within our workbook to open the doors to this power that lies within you, the essence of your being, your journey becomes the one of your heart's desire, your soul's calling. The choice is yours! For more information on how to obtain our guidance, please see the services offered page.

 $24.95 Full Color paperback   $14.95 E-Book

Click Here to Order from Amazon

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart: Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to light the path of your life journey. Assisting you in living your passion to your fullest dreams & sharing your gifts, your innate talents, your spirit chose to bring into this life.​ In this, each one of you is unique, quite special. No other came into this earth experience with the innate gifts/talents you brought to offer in the style you came to express them. The key to awakening to the life you chose as spirit when entering this earth existence, is to choose to focus within, to look to the essence of who you are, infinite love, your Inner Being, for guidance in setting your direction in life​. This is the inner loving voice & knowing that is always present to guide you that you can choose to experience within. The choice is yours as to which voice you choose to listen; the loving voice of your true self, your inner being, or all of the voices and environmental influences that distract you from that which is calling to you from within. 

The time to remember who you are is now!

A 30 minute Free initial phone consultation with Katie & the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart is available to learn more about our services and ask a few questions of us, The Council, to experience our guidance. To arrange yours, please go to the scheduling page.

W​ho is the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

We are a Council of nonphysical Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Teachers and Shamanic Healers ​that have a common interest in assisting you in remembering who you are & why you chose to come into this life. We have chosen to​ speak to you through the one known as Katie Easterwood, who agreed to provide this service prior to coming into her earth life. She is a member of this Council, but chose, to be physically present on Earth at this time to give us a voice so you may hear the love & guidance we have directly, if that is of your choosing.

Each of us on the Council is connected through Spirit as we are also connected with you. We speak not as individuals, but with one voice and heart! Through following our light which guides you within, which is symbolized as Pegasus in our logo, you will rise like the Phoenix to soar to the heights of the life you dreamed when you chose to come experience this wonderful physical life on earth. It is a precious gift. Embrace it fully. Your intention was to enjoy every moment of your life. The time to start is now! For more on the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, please click the button below.

More On the Wisdom Council

Click here for information about our voice channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW


We provide a number of services through Zoom,  phone, and in person in Sedona, AZ, which include a free initial zoom consultation, individual &  group sessions as well as several  3 month,   weekly workshops and mentoring. These  assist you in applying the teachings within our book to your present life, Small in person groups may be offered or arranged upon request locally. Click the Services & Events button below to see a description and pricing of our services.

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The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart would like to send you a free weekly video message by email to assist you on your adventurous journey within, your path of bliss; guiding you to  your Inner Being, that energy which animates your life, to assist you in  remembering why as spirit you chose this life and to live that life fully. 

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Free guided audio visualization meditation, "Contacting Your Inner Being", that was dictated by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart for their book, Choosing the Journey Within, and was recorded by Katie with Tibetan Bowls sounding in the background. We are pleased to send you a meditation file by emailed as a gift upon request.

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I am Loved and I am LOVE.

I am aware of my connection to my Inner Being, that which animates my life,  at all times. I  am open and receptive to its guidance now.

My  Inner Being, Spirit, has unlimited potential and inspires my action each moment of my life.

I choose my spirit's urgings, my heart's desire to my  path of bliss. 

I choose to live a passion-filled, inner inspired life now.

Is your path a bit confusing at ​times?

Does it feel like you backtrack or are blocked?

Would Some Guidance from a Broader Non-Physical Perspective Assist?

You're the one in possession of all of the choices which design your life experience, The captain of your Life!

If we may be of assistance, and this seems attractive to you, please sign up for the free weekly messages or check out our services  and Events  by clicking the button below.

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