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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

Choosing the Path Less Traveled, the Path Within

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Great News: Our first book, "Choosing The Journey Within: 5 Keys to Your Path of Bliss" & our second book, "Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self" are  now available on Kindle Unlimited!

View additional Information on these book further down this page.

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 Our Second Book,

Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self.

Available Now at

Available in eBook, Paperback, & Hardback!

Find both of our books, Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self & Choosing the Journey Within, Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss: A Workbook, by searching under our channel's name, Katie Easterwood, on

Please Watch  Our Video Below to Hear Our Thoughts & Excitement Regarding Our New Book. 

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Click Here for a List of Contents of Our Book,

Reflections Of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self

In our, the non-physical Wisdom Council, One Spirit One Heart, second book we assist you in taking your next step in your journey to maintain your connection to your Spirit Within to receive its guidance throughout your day to guide your choices, creating your Life Journey, & to increase your awareness of the gifts you brought into this life to share both creatively & energetically through your life with the world. We introduce you to the Eight Reflections of Spirit & assist you in determining which 'reflections' you chose this life to express. The eight reflections of Spirit are: Detachment, Absolute Love, Kindness, Compassion, Appreciation, Creativity, Equanimity, & Wisdom.

In Parts Two through Four we present: Six Shifts of Perspective to Discover the Life of Your Heart's Desires, The Seven Guidelines for Enhancing Your Soul Connection, & the Six Areas to Expand Your Awareness to Embrace the Full Power of Your True Self.

May Our Guidance Assist You By Lighting the Pathways of Your Life Journey

Schedule a 30 minute New Client Consultation by Zoom or Phone, 

with the Nonphysical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, 

as Voice Channeled Thru Katie Easterwood, MSW. 

 The Council will answer your questions directly about your Life Journey.

Special Introductory Rate For New Individual Clients


30 Minutes by Phone or on Zoom.

Regular rate $75.

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Introducing the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

Channelled by Katie​

In this video, the non-physical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart discusses who they are and their reason for being here now to speak through their voice channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW.

Click Here to Learn More About The Council

Click here for information about our voice channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW

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Click Here for a FREE Introduction to the 5 Keys to Your Path of Bliss Taken From Our Book

Content Outline of Keys & Adventures

You may receive our guidance through our book!

Great News: The Release of our first book

Choosing the Journey Within

Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss

A Workbook

It contains the guidance we came at this time to share with you to assist you in awakening to your magnificent power within, your spirit, which guides you along your path of bliss. By using the 5 keys and the 26 adventures presented within our workbook to open the doors to this power that lies within you, the essence of your being, your journey becomes the one of your heart's desire, your soul's calling. The choice is yours! For more information on how to obtain our guidance, please see the services offered page.

 $24.95 Full color picture paperback   $7.95 E-Book & on Kindle Unlimited  

$34.95 Full color, premium paper, picture hardback 

Amazon does place books on sale at times,  please check their site if interested. 

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We provide a number of services through Zoom,  phone, and in person in Sedona, AZ. 

Our Services include a New Client Initial  Consultation at a special introductory rate, individual & Group mentoring &  and workshops. 

Our services are intended to assist you in connecting with your Spirit Within to guide you to the life journey of your Heart's Desires & applying our guidance contained in our books. Small in person groups may be offered or arranged upon request locally. Click the Services & Events button below to see a description and pricing of our services.

Services & Events 

Free Gifts

The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart would like to send you a free weekly video message by email to assist you on your adventurous journey within, your path of bliss; guiding you to  your Inner Being, that energy which animates your life, to assist you in  remembering why as spirit you chose this life and to live that life fully. 

Click this button to sign up for a free weekly email message &/or Free Audio Meditation

Free guided audio visualization meditation, "Contacting Your Inner Being", that was dictated by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart for their book, Choosing the Journey Within, and was recorded by Katie with Tibetan Bowls sounding in the background. We are pleased to send you a meditation file by emailed as a gift upon request.

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Privacy Policy

Please also review our Terms and Conditions by clicking the button below,  prior to using our site if it is of your choosing.

Terms and Conditions


I am Loved and I am LOVE.

I choose to be aware of my connection to my  my Spirit Within, that which animates my life,  at all times. I  am open and receptive to its guidance now.

My  Spirit has unlimited potential and inspires my action each moment of my life.

I am a reflection of my Spirit's light & love within the world.

I choose to live a passion-filled, inner inspired life now.

Is your path a bit confusing at ​times?

Does it feel like you backtrack or are blocked?

Would Some Guidance from a Broader Non-Physical Perspective Assist?

You're the one in possession of all of the choices which design your life experience, The designer of your Life!

If we may be of assistance, and this seems attractive to you, please sign up for the free weekly messages or check out our services  and Events  by clicking the button below.

Services & Events

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